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 updated April 2015

Mottel Baleston,


Messengers of the New Covenant shares Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) within the Jewish Community of New Jersey. Our activities have included outreach ministries, literature distribution, Bible Studies, the discipling of Jewish believers and Messianic Fellowship gatherings. Mottel Baleston is a Jewish believer in Messiah and serves as Director. He's often a guest speaker in churches, sharing pulpit sermons, messages & seminars to help Christians see and appreciate the Jewish roots of their faith. His presentations also allow Jewish friends to consider the claims of Jesus as Messiah in a way they can relate to.

We believe that the Jewish Torah (Scriptures) promised a Messiah for all the people of the world, the Messiah for both Jews and Gentiles. Yeshua was born as the fulfillment of those Bible promises. No Synagogue, Church or Temple can provide forgiveness of sin, only through personal, individual faith in the atonement made by Messiah Yeshua can we experience true peace with God.

For many years Messengers had weekly Messianic Jewish Fellowship gatherings in our Montclair NJ center. Those times resulted in many of our Jewish people coming to Messiah and growing in their faith. Then we brought the fellowship group part of our ministry together with Beth Messiah Messianic Congregation of Livingston NJ, where Mottel Baleston served as Interim Messianic Rabbi / Pastor from 1997 thru 2001. That  was a time of great activity that saw the congregation grow to become able to call a full time leader.  In addition to his other ministries, Mottel continued to serve there thru 2013 as Associate Messianic Rabbi, Teaching Elder, Worship Team Leader, Hebrew Class Instructor, Home Group Leader and a few other hats. Good things came about in dozens of individual lives. With recent changes there we’ve stepped away from weekly involvement and that chapter of congregational leadership ministry is now behind us.

In 2014 we shifted toward greater emphasis on outreach in adjacent areas and being available to teach in various churches & congregations. We are sharing seminars and messages on the topics seen on our webpage 'Teaching DVD's'.  We also conduct Messianic Jewish Passover and Holiday gatherings.



In this video, Mottel Baleston teaches:
- Jewish survival is assured because of
what God will do
- The Jewish core within us is satisfied only
with the God of Israel
- The Abrahamic Covenant established our Jewish People, guarantees our survival and promises a Messiah for all who receive Him.

Profiles of Jewish Believers in Yeshua (Y'shua) and why they believe: 
Mottel Baleston,  Messianic Teacher
Rachmiel Frydland,    Holocaust Survivor
Dr. Jack Sternberg,  Board Certified Physician
Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, Chief Rabbi, Northern Hungry
We serve these communities in northern & central New Jersey:  Essex, Morris, Bergen, Warren, Passaic & Sussex County, Springfield  West Orange, Wayne, Fair Lawn, Morristown Randolph, Roxbury Parsippany Rockaway Denville Bloomfield Verona Caldwell Hackettstown Chester Somerville Sparta Paramus Pennsylvania

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