Introducing Cary Weisbaum

Messianic Jewish Bible Teacher & Outreach Worker
in the Atlantic Coast Florida area with
Messengers of the New Covenant & Missions Door

Mr. Cary Weisbaum is a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus and regularly attended our "Messengers" Friday evening Messianic Fellowship in NJ for many years. He also attended Beth Messiah Messianic Congregation during the years that Mottel Baleston served in leadership there.

Cary has been an avid student of God's Word for many years and has taken many courses at the Ariel Ministries Summer Discipleship Program with Messianic Jewish scholar Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. He is currently enrolled in Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Formerly in the Information Technology field, Cary is now devoting himself to Bible Teaching and reaching the Jewish community with the Good News of the arrival of Messiah Jesus.

Now located in Florida, Cary has started a ministry of teaching & outreach as a volunteer branch of our ministry. We’re supplying him with outreach books & literature thanks to special gifts from our supporters. The location of his ministry includes Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Boynton Beach & more.

Cary's Bible teaching and preaching have been well received in several churches and he has been asked to return to share more teaching. Here's a sample of his presentations and messages:

- Messiah in the Passover Demonstration

- The Portrait of Jesus in the Law, Prophets & Writings

- How the Jewish Holy Days point to Messiah Jesus

- The Book of Romans and the Jewish People

- The Book of Hebrews: Our Better High Priest

We believe your church or congregation would benefit from the unique Messianic viewpoint Cary offers within an evangelical doctrinal position. Depending upon his schedule, he can be available in Florida's Atlantic Coast Region. No minimum honorarium is requested, a freewill offering or reimbursement of expenses is fine.  Contact Cary directly:

Romans 9 through 11,
Cary Weisbaum
15 minutes
Summary: Cary is speaking at the Chapel Worship Service at the Ariel Messianic Summer Bible & Discipleship program at Camp Shoshanah, August 2015. He is sharing an exposition of Romans 9 thru 11, particularly focusing on the identity of "The Jewish Remnant, the Israel of God". This is a subject of dispute within some circles, but by keeping to a literal meaning of the text, God's covenant promises shine through !!

Cary Weisbaum may be contacted directly at

We love and cherish our beautiful Jewish culture and heritage,
and the goal of that heritage is God's promise to us of a Messiah, a promise fulfilled in Yeshua.

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