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While we do not sponsor trips, we often are asked to recommend good groups with whom to tour Israel. Your choice of Tour Operator will determine if you get to see and walk the genuine places that Messiah Jesus walked and ministered, or if you spend most of your time in a huge tour bus being driven from fake sites to the overpriced tourist souvenir shop run by your bus driver's cousin and then back to your hermetically sealed, needlessly luxurious Tourist Hotel.

Most tours run by good evangelical Churches and Christian groups still rely on ground arrangements in Israel and a tour itinerary decided by ethnic Arab Christians of Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox affiliation. Evangelical Christians are sometimes dismayed by the heavy emphasis on visiting church buildings of those groups, as long lines of tour buses deliver travelers to them. An example is the hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee where Jesus gave the "Sermon on the Mount". Standard Christian tour groups visit the Catholic "Church of the Beatitudes", a nice looking building in classisc Italian style, built in 1936 by an architect chosen and financed by the Dictator Benito Mussolini. A very European feel, and certainly alien to the Jewishness of the original event. There is a fence that prevents visitors from straying onto the land around the church, where Messiah Jesus actually gave his message. If you'd rather sit on that hill as the words of Jesus are read, if you want to understand the life of Messiah Jesus in the context of HIS time, and if you want to see what God is doing in Israel TODAY among Jewish believers in Jesus, use one of the groups below:

1. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a living legend among those who lead real study tours. Arnold is a Jewish believer in Jesus, has lived in Israel, and his Masters Degree is in the Biblical Geography of the Land of Israel.  Arnold is now focused on writing & teaching and is no longer leading tours, but he trained a man who accompanied him on several month long tours, and he now carries on that type of trip, in a 2 week version:

- - Arlie Francis is a solid Bible Teacher trained by Dr. Fruchtenbaum, and he occasionally conducts a quality study tour of Israel open to the public. This is NOT 'Tour Bus Comfy', but a Mini-Van expedition. You will see & walk all the Biblical sites and have your faith built up!  Unique to this tour: You visit the sites in their Biblical chronological order, seeing the Bible unfold day by day!!  Contact Arlie and his ministry 'Disciple Daily' at:

2. Sar-El Tours are run by Jewish believers in Jerusalem with a wide variety of quality Israel trips.

3. Isra Home Tours is run by believers in Israel, they can arrange custom tours:

4. Other Messianic & Christian groups that run Israel tours we can recommend are
- CJF-Christian Jew Foundation, San Antonio, TX
- Steve Ger of Sojourner Ministries, Dallas, TX,
- Chosen People Ministries, New York, NY
- Hope for Israel - Moran Rosenblit
- Dr. Edgar Hardesty at Cairn University, Pennsylvania
- Dr. George Gunn at Shasta Bible College, California
- Dr. Will Varner at Masters Seminary, California

Note: If you have physical limitations with walking or long days, discuss that with the tour operator BEFORE registering to determine whether their tour is appropriate for you.

Video Presentations on the Jewish Believers in Messiah in Israel

An interesting Israeli TV News documentary concerning the Messianic Jewish Community in Israel   
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Israeli TV News documentary concerning persecution of the Messianic Jewish Community in Israel  
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More to come, stay tuned !

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