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Jewish and Christian History and Culture

Teaching Video DVD's and MP3's by Mottel Baleston
Each year Mottel teaches at the summer discipleship school of Ariel Ministries, Camp Shoshanah. This program has trained
hundreds of Jewish & Gentile believers in the Scriptures, as well as given many an understanding of the place of the
Jewish people in the plan of God.  - Click here to see the many DVD sets of Messianic Teaching subjects available

Mottel's Class Teaching Outlines from the Ariel Ministries Shoshanah Summer Bible School

Each summer Mottel teaches classes in Bible and History at the Ariel Ministries Shoshanah Bible School
in northern New York State. Here are copies of the same outline used in those classes.

Shoshanah 2019 - Jewish History, a complete overview in 15 sessions. PDF download




Download this free helpful booklet, written by a Professor at Moody Bible Institute, that explains how the Jewish people
have been violently persecuted over the centuries by false Christians,  and how this impacts Jewish outreach.


While this bibliography is short, all these books are in print, are the best in their field and readily available from, etc. Please keep in mind that most of these authors assume the traditional Jewish point of view that denies that Yeshua was the Messiah. As long as that caveat is kept in mind, much can be gained from their insights into Jewish history and culture. MB.

Collins, Larry and Lapierre, Dominique. O JERUSALEM. A very well written and engrossing overview of  the establishment of the State of Israel. Excellent photos.

Dimont, Max. JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY. A very readable complete overview from a mainstream Jewish author. Available in inexpensive paperback.

Fruchtenbaum, Arnold, G.  THE REMNANT OF ISRAEL. - The 2,000 year history of Jewish believers in Jesus.
A short but authoritative book by a Messianic Jewish Scholar. Available from or

Gilbert, Martin. ATLAS OF JEWISH HISTORY. Excellent maps, a must for your library.

Kollatch, Alfred. THE JEWISH BOOK OF WHY. An introduction to Rabbinical Judaism and it's practice.

Schurer, Emil. A HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE IN THE TIME OF JESUS. This is the abridged version (at 428 pages!), of Schurer's epic works.

Telushkin, Rabbi Joseph. JEWISH LITERACY. Highly acclaimed book of 346 short chapters, each one a "to the point" explanation of some crucial portion of Jewish history and practice. From a Traditional Jewish perspective.

INTERNET WEB SITES WITH SUBSTANTIAL JEWISH HISTORY CONTENT The Jewish Virtual Library, well done & comprehensive. Among the many resources here is the online version of "Myths & Facts", a guide to the Arab-Israel Conflict  Center for Jewish History - 'Features' style, with archive access - Features a historical timeline page of prominent Messianic Jewish believers - An archive of video lessons on the history of Israel. Free to register to use.

APOLOGETICS - Evidence for our faith in Messiah Jesus

Resources for Learning Hebrew

Here's a link to a page full of Links of Hebrew Language Learning Resources:

"Easy Hebrew" - Full course from Believers with booklets, CD's, lots more.

"Hebrew Made Easy" - Another Course

Animated Hebrew - A portal website for all kinds of Hebrew helps

For those learning to read basic Hebrew. The Hebrew 4 Christians website is great, but ignore the following:
- Cursive/Script forms of letters, for now just learn the Book Form/Block Form of the Letters only
- Imaginative stories about hidden meanings of the letters, these distract from your goal: learning to read

Print and fill in this 8 page worksheet

This links to a page with the section: "Free Downloads". Download & print the Hebrew Flashcards

More to come, stay tuned !

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