Mottel Baleston, Messianic Jewish
 Outreach & European Bible Teaching
Sept-Oct 2018
Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany

As you may know, each summer Mottel teaches for three weeks at the Ariel Ministries Discipleship Bible School in northern New York State. The school was originally designed for Jewish believers in Jesus, but is now open to all. Recent years have seen more students from Europe in attendance, they even formed a volunteer branch in Germany. That branch purchased plane tickets for me to come out to teach Jewish outreach, because they are seeing a huge surge of Jewish immigration into Germany from the former Soviet Union: Russia and the Ukraine. In 1990 there were 30,000 Jewish people in Germany, a 2016 census recorded over 120,000.

The ministry outreach & Bible teaching activities were non-stop, and ran from September 14 thru October 7, starting in the Czech Republic, then Budapest Hungary, and finally 2 full weeks in 10 locations in Germany. Every day had 2 or 3 teaching sessions.

All the translators were believers: 2 for Czech, 2 for Hungarian & 4 for German, in various locations.

The promo at left was widely distributed by our friends in Prague, Czech Republic, a historic city with a strong Jewish heritage. It advertises the three seminars Mottel taught in Prague, preparing believers to understand the Jewish roots of their faith, and be better able to communicate with Jewish friends.

Above, day 2 of the Prague seminars. The Czech translator is Eliska N, a Bible student from the New York Discipleship school,
she arranged the Prague seminars and the Holocaust Conference & field trips.
(photos of the Prague seminars (c) Krystal Kaes)

Public High School in Prague for gifted students, classes taught in English, where Mottel was asked to address combined classes and share his biography. The Czech students then asked questions, but in English only. The first 10 minutes covered my Jewish background, then 30 minutes of my testimony of coming to faith in Messiah Jesus.

The Prague buildings are classic, the Trolley is modern

After sharing a Bible lesson with a Sunday School at a church in Prague, after speaking to adults in the main service.
Thanks to Kamil & Zuzana for hosting me, and thanks to your son for giving up his bedroom!

Mottel at the "Jubilee" Synagogue on Jerusalem Street in Prague, near the old Jewish Quarter

Conference on the History & Theological Roots of the Holocaust,
with a field trip to Auschwitz

- The Holocaust in Europe occurred from 1938 through 1945 and was a systemized program by Nazi Germany of slaughter, rape and mass killings, all in a Satanic attempt to destroy the Jewish people. Six million Jewish men, women and children were murdered, often in the most gruesome and brutal ways.
- Whether it makes people uncomfortable or not, the actual facts are crystal clear: the vast majority of the ordinary people who carried out the daily killings considered themselves Christians and were members of various churches.

- Of course, the churches they belong to were not Bible believing and thus the individuals had been taught a “Theology of Contempt”  toward the Jewish people, imagining that the church had replaced Israel in the promises God made in the Hebrew Scriptures. This false theology grew out of the attempt by Roman Catholicism in the fourth century to explain its claim of authority to speak for God. While the Protestant Reformation corrected many errors, some errors were often left intact, and sadly have been passed down into some evangelical churches as well, though in a mostly nonviolent form.
- When Jewish people who are agnostic or atheist are asked to justify their position, the single most common “reason” cited is The Holocaust. By far.
- Evangelicals must be ready to respond to this issue. Biblical theology has a far different approach to God’s eternal Abrahamic covenant with the Jewish people than does the mainstream church.
- Mottel Baleston taught this three-day conference at an evangelical retreat center in the Czech Republic to tackle this difficult issue. Through seminars and two field trips into nearby Poland, we understood the historical background and the current situation.

On the day before Yom Kippur, we went to Auschwitz
Of the Six Million Jewish people who were intentionally killed during the Shoah, the Holocaust,
over 1 and a quarter million were systematically murdered here at Auschwitz

Barracks, about 8 people slept on each of these wooden platforms. They were worked to exhaustion, and when they lost strength, they were shot

New arrivals came off the trains, a selection was made, men & woman who could do heavy work were sent to the barracks, all others including children walked through the barbed wire passage directly to the gas chamber

Each day, over 700 people were stripped naked, then crammed into this gas chamber, where the poison was dropped. Within 15 minutes, everyone died a slow, agonizing death. In all, 4 gas chambers operated each day.

In the early years, 2 bodies were loaded together on each metal tray, and slid  into dozens of ovens, around the clock, constantly. Eventually, huge underground pits were built that destroyed 4,000 bodies each day

At the gate of Auschwitz, Mottel with Hana S, a young Jewish believer and one of two tour photographers. A difficult and emotional day for all.


Budapest, Hungary

September 22, 2018, 5 pm to 9 pm  - Budapest, Hungary

Just before the start of the Budapest seminars, with good friends & Budapest hosts Ivan & Rita Nagy, who arranged the sessions.

A full 10 minutes before the start, most chairs were full, and volunteers started to set up folding chairs. Almost 100 people were there once we started. We taught 2 seminar sessions of 90 minutes each.

In Budapest, members of our group of believers toured the Orthodox Jewish Quarter. The lady with her back to the camera is a believer, talking with two Orthodox Jewish women in a Kosher Butcher shop.

After the 2 Budapest sessions ended, people stayed for over an hour to ask Bible questions. Intermarriage of Jews & Gentiles in Hungary was not uncommon before World War 2, it's said that almost 25% of people in Budapest have at least one Jewish Grandparent.

Mottel speaking with an interpreter at an outreach at the largest park in center city Budapest, sharing his testimony and an invitation.
Believers there performed music & followed up. A good number of Jewish people regularly use the park.

Budapest ministry photos by (c) Krystal Kaes. Thanks Krystal & Craig !!

Why Germany? In 1990 there were 30,000 Jewish people in Germany - In 2016, over 120,000

Breckerfeld Bible College in Germany is one of the finest conservative evangelical Bible schools in Europe. Most students were German,
Italy, England, France, Hungary were also represented. The classes are taught in German. Georg Hagedorn was my translator, he is
an excellent Bible teacher and publisher of study books, he arranged the itinerary and drove the many kilometers for the teaching tour.
The Bible College gave me three one hour sessions to teach "
History and Theological Significance of the Holocaust" -  In Germany.

At left, with students from Ostfriesland Bible College at Jennalt, Germany.

Mottel says: "I was very favorably impressed with the quality of these 2 Bible schools in northern Germany. The doctrine is sound & fundamental, the students serious about ministry. There were willing to live in less than ideal dorms & arrangements, all to prepare themselves for ministry.


Bible Brethren Congregation of Baienfurt, Germany


Gemeinde Die Apis Hüttenbühl, in Alfdorf, Germany


This location had many Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus, some  just a few years in the faith. Mottel taught basic theology through
an understanding of the Covenants God has made in the Scriptures, some no longer in effect, others in full force today.
Here's the promo from their website:

Above, one of the believers who took turns translating my 5 different teaching sessions in Berlin.

At right, holding the "Four Species" mentioned in Leviticus 23
for use during the celebration of the "Feast of Tabernacles"
The Hebrew sign says: "Know Before Whom You Stand"

The VIDEO at right is of one of the Berlin sessions, about 110 people attended, with many Jewish believers in Jesus. Title:
"Understanding Proper Biblical Jewish Identity According
to the Abrahamic Covenant"
Why is this topic so important? Because there is a battle going on amongst some Jewish believers re Law vs. Grace. Some imagine that it is Mosaic Law that determines Jewish identity, so they cling to it. Scripturally, the Law has come to an end , and Jewish identity has always been determined by the eternal Abrahamic Covenant.

After the 2 teaching sessions at Rheydt, believers stayed to ask questions. Moments after this photo was taken, I was stunned to hear this: "Do you know that this place where you, a Jewish man, just taught the Jewish roots of our Christian faith is just 200 meters from the house where Joseph Goebbels (Nazi leader, 2nd to Hitler) was born & grew up?
They're gone, and we're here. I'm still in awe of this Gen 12:3 moment.

Do Bible teaching tours get flat tires? We did, but these 2 Brethren Elders were able to take care of it! - One a Medical Doctor, the other an Engineer, and the Doctor is the one working on the tire !!

Martina & her husband Joachim were my hosts in Schwaebisch.

Ich danke Dir schön! -
 - Danke für das Mohngebäck !!

Dirk was the Elder who arranged my speaking in Rheydt, Germany.

Ich danke Dir schön!

Kurt was my translator in Berlin, guide to the Berlin subway & driver to a church in NE Germany.

Ich danke Dir schön!

Assistant Berlin Congregational Leader Andrei
 Большое спасибо!

Overnight hosts in Rheydt,
Barbara & Artur after we climbed to the top of their hill. Ich danke Dir schön!

GERMANY BIBLE TEACHING - September 25 to October 7.

September 25, 2018 9:30 to 12:45 - Breckerfeld Bible College, Breckerfeld, Germany

September 25, 2018  7:30 to 9:15 pm - EFG Jennelt Baptist, Kapellenweg, Jennelt, Germany

September 26, 2018 9:30 to 12:45 - Bibel und Missionsshule College, Ostfriesland, Germany

September 26, 2018 7:45 to 9:30 - Freie Bibelgemeinde in Lammertsfehn, Germany

September 27, 6 pm - Beit Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, Berlin, Germany

September 28, 6 pm - Beit Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, Berlin, Germany

September 29, 1 pm - Shabbat Service, Beit Sar Shalom Messianic , Berlin, Germany

September 30, 10 am - Andreasgemeinde Congregation in Lemgo, Germany

October 1, 2018, 6:30 to 9:30 pm - Gemeinde Bible Congregation in Baienfurt , Germany

October 2, 2018, 6:30 to 9:30 pm -  Ev.-freikichliche Gemeinde in Holzgerlingen, Germany

October 3, 2018, 6 to 9:30 pm - Gemeinde Die Apis Hüttenbühl, Alfdorf, Germany

October 4, 2018, 6 to 9:30 pm - Gemeinde Die Apis Hüttenbühl, Alfdorf, Germany

October 5, 2018, 7:00 to 9:15 pm - Christliche Gemeinde,  Mönchengladbach Rheydt, Germany

October 6, 2018, 7:00 to 9:15 pm - Christliche Gemeinde,  Mönchengladbach Rheydt, Germany

October 7, 2018, 9 am - Christliche Gemeinde,  Mönchengladbach Rheydt, Germany

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