Ariel Messianic Jewish Bible Teaching Camp - Rotorua, New Zealand - July 2003

In July 2003 Mottel Baleston returned to New Zealand after having been there in 2001 to once again co-teach with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries at a week long Bible Study Camp for Jewish and Gentile believers. This trip was sponsored by believers in Auckland. One of their continuing concerns is a recent trend of confusion over Law vs. Grace among some, with the sad result that many are involved in the 'legalism' of mandatory Mosaic Law observance. So, Arnold and I, 2 Jewish believers, were able to clearly teach that believers in Messiah should fully embrace the Freedom & Grace that is found in the finished work of Messiah. We had over 105 students. Both Dr. Fruchtenbaum and I each taught 12 hours total covering 2 different subjects.

The 10 day trip started in Auckland, where a secular University Hall was the site of all day meetings. Here Dr. Fruchtenbaum is teaching.

Mottel Baleston teaching Bible in Auckland, New Zealand at an all day series of seminars.

This is the beautiful conference facility in Rotorua, New Zealand

People came from all parts of New Zealand to be there, as well as a few from Australia

Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Mottel Baleston in New Zealand 2003
Arnold, Jeff, Mottel, Omri, Mike

The believers were diligent in taking notes with open Bibles

Dr. Fruchtenbaum was always willing to answer Bible questions.

Here a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus leads the children in singing

We had great fellowship after meals

At the Shabbat Dinner

Mottel answering questions after sessions

They didn't seem to mind the old guy in their midst !!

Mottel says: "For eight summers, from 1980 thru 1987, it was my privilege to be a student of Dr. Fruchtenbaum at Camp Shoshanah, the 3 week Ariel Ministries Summer Bible Training School in New York. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is one of the leading scholars of the Messianic Movement of Jewish people who are believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Arnold was born to an Orthodox Jewish family in Europe and was raised in that tradition. After coming to faith in Messiah he graduated from an evangelical seminary and earned his Doctorate from New York University. His role has been that of biblical scholarship and consistent, balanced wisdom in the diverse Messianic movement. My understanding of the Scriptures has grown as a result of his teaching and his example of being a diligent student of the Word. During the last decade I've been able to continue to learn from him and now privileged to teach alongside him at Camp Shoshanah and at conferences." Dr. Fruchtenbaum is an author and the founder of Ariel Ministries, his books are a wealth of Biblical insight.                  You can browse his books and reach the Ariel Ministries website at

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