Messengers of the New Covenant, New Jersey
A Messianic Jewish Outreach sharing Messiah Yeshua

by Mottel Baleston & other recommended authors

The Question: Do non-Jews become “Spiritual Jews” if they come to faith in Jesus,
and are Jewish people who believe in Jesus still Jews? - Four Bible Passages

Are Jews descended from Khazars? Myth or Fact?

What is the Jewish Talmud and is it anti-Christian?

Mottel's Story: Why a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn believes in Jesus.
Letter from Mottel - Why I believe (pdf download)

Abrahamic Covenant, Basis for Jewish Identity
by Mottel Baleston
The Jewish Kippah Skullcap: Legit for Believers?
by Mottel Baleston
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
- a racist hoax that fools the gullible
The Mystery of Isaiah 53
by Dr. Michael Rydelnik
Should Gentiles Convert to Judaism?
by Chaim Urbach
The Messianic Timetable
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Messiah's Right to David's Throne
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Jewishness and the Trinity
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Yiddish - An Introduction to this
Jewish Language and list of words
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
What he said about Zionism
What some classic Christian Leaders
taught about the Jewish people.
Chart of the relationship of the
Covenants to the Dispensations

Resources About The Middle-East Conflict 

Resources About The Blood Moons

More to come, stay tuned !

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