MESSENGERS MESSIANIC OUTREACH - An Illustrated Ministry History

"MESSENGERS OF THE NEW COVENANT" was established to communicate the Good News of the arrival of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. Messengers carries on a work of sharing Messiah within the Jewish community of metro New Jersey, discipling Jewish believers as well as educating Christians concerning the Jewish roots of their faith.
Mottel Baleston became director as the outreach became affiliated with the MISSIONS DOOR family of ministries.

Over the years our regular ministry activities have been:
- Effectively reaching the Jewish community with the message of Messiah
- Discipling those Jewish people who come to saving faith
- Leading or co-leading Fellowships & Congregations oriented toward Jewish believers
- Equipping believers to reach their Jewish friends & relatives
- Educating
Christians concerning the Jewish roots of their faith

Mottel established and led the Messengers Messianic Fellowship gatherings for 15 years from 1983 thru 1998. This was not a congregation, but an outreach & discipleship ministry with a regular Friday evening Messianic service. We saw many come to faith in Messiah Jesus, and several Jewish believers discipled to the point where they became leaders in their own congregations.

Notably, Mottel Baleston also served as Messianic Rabbi/Pastor from 1997 thru 2001 at "Beth Messiah", a Messianic Congregation in Livingston, New Jersey during which time he saw the Lord grow the group from about 20 adults to 42 adults, at which time they were able to call a full time Pastor. From 2001 thru 2013 he continued serving there as voluntary Associate Congregational Leader. Responsibilities of Teaching Elder, Worship Team Leader, Hebrew class instructor, Home Group Leader along with a few other hats filled many hours. Many good things came about in dozens of individual lives. Many Jewish believers disicpled there are now involved in Messiah following congregations around the country. With changes there, that chapter of congregational leadership ministry is now behind us. In 2014 we shifted toward a greater emphasis on regional outreach and being available to teach in various congregations & churches.

Ministry Overview & Photos 1983 thru 1997


Ministry Overview & Photos 1997 thru 2001

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Israel Teaching & Tour 2018

Europe 2018 Bible Teaching
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Europe 2019 Bible Teaching
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