Profiles of Jewish Believers in Messiah and why they believe: 

Dr. Jack Sternberg, Board Certified Physician. With a specialty in Oncology, Jack Sternberg is one of the most respected physicians in his field. After being challenged by the faith of a Jewish believer in Messiah, he set out to research the evidence.

Rachmiel Frydland,   Holocaust Survivor. In pre-war Poland, Rachmiel was sent to an Orthodox  Jewish Yeshiva to begin training to become a Rabbi. While searching the Scriptures to refute Christians in his Community, he came across some startling verses from the Jewish Bible.

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, Chief Rabbi, Northern Hungary. After 30 years as a respected Rabbi      and a leader of the Jewish Community in Hungary, Rabbi Lichtenstein read the New  Testament. He was shocked to find a Jewish book by Jewish authors!

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