Profiles of Jewish Believers in Messiah and why they believe: 

Dr. Jack Sternberg, Board Certified Physician. With a specialty in Oncology, Jack Sternberg
      is one of the most respected physicians in his field. After being challenged by the faith of
      a Jewish believer in Messiah, he set out to research the evidence.

Rachmiel Frydland,   Holocaust Survivor. In pre-war Poland, Rachmiel was sent to an
Jewish Yeshiva to begin training to become a Rabbi. While searching the
      Scriptures to      refute Christians in his Community, he came across some startling verses.

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, Chief Rabbi, Northern Hungary. After 30 years as a respected Rabbi
     and a leader of the Jewish Community in Hungary, Rabbi Lichtenstein read the
     New  Testament. He was shocked to find a Jewish book by Jewish authors!

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