Messianic Jewish Wedding of Shoshanah & Samuel,  October 2021,
at the Shoshanah Campus of Ariel Ministries

These photos are barely able to express the joy that was the culmination of God’s working in the lives of two young Jewish people over the last 18 years. The young couple getting married are Samuel & Shoshanah, each attended the discipleship camp as pre-teens with their Jewish believing parents from 2001 to 2004, years when I taught adult classes as well as an occasional teen class they were in. The year 2004 was the last Samuel’s family attended, so contact was lost. Both families remained strong in their faith in Messiah, and both young people resolved to marry only another believer, but meeting those serious about the faith is not common. A “chance” encounter and renewal of friendship occurred in April 2021, with the wedding taking place at our upstate New York Bible school in mid-October.

The Brides' brothers at each of the poles

For Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a joyful event, as the couple each sip from the cup of the 'Fruit of the Vine'.

The first kiss!



MAZEL TOV !! Samuel breaks the glass.


Those pictured here with me have all been students in my discipleship classes.

Reception with family and friends

Leaving for the Honeymoon amid
a shower of BUBBLES !!



First dance at their reception


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