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grapestowine.gif (20890 bytes) Each year at Spring, our Jewish people assemble to celebrate the Passover as commanded by God in the Torah (Jewish Bible). We who are Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah have the privilege of knowing the answer to many of the mysteries in the Passover Seder. As Jews, we join our people in celebrating our release from physical bondage in Egypt. As Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus, we celebrate release from bondage to sin and death through the atonement made by Messiah. Gentile Christians know the Passover Seder as the Last Supper. For both Jews and Christians, it is one of the most important holidays that God has given us. Whoever you are, we welcome you to come and celebrate the Passover with us as we focus on Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, " . . . the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world".

This 7 minute video excerpt is from an explanation of the Passover Ritual.
Mottel Baleston shows the use of the Matzah Tash.


Contact us to schedule a Messianic Passover event for your group.

This can be done in a sanctuary with fixed seating or in any other room. It is suitable for a Sunday morning service or any other occasion. Mottel will bring the traditional utensils & unleavened bread used in the Jewish Passover Seder and will demonstrate how these are used in Jewish homes today. The origin of Passover from the book of Exodus will be shared. As Jews, Jesus and His disciples celebrated the Passover, with the "Last Supper " being the best known example. This presentation will demonstrate that the Passover service contains rituals which clearly point to Jesus as Messiah and a strong evangelistic emphasis is central to this. The minimum time needed is 40 minutes.

Full Messianic Seder with ritual Passover food items but without full meal.
This version is most suited for an evening service. Participants sit at tables of 6 to 12 persons. Each place setting contains the ritual symbolic Passover food items that were used at the 'Last Supper' by Jesus and His disciples. These same symbolic items are still used in Jewish homes today. Christians are increasingly celebrating Passover as it is recognized that it pictures Jesus as the greater Passover Lamb. From a head table, Mottel will lead the participants through a shortened version of the Passover Seder, pausing to point out those rituals which have direct fulfillment in Messiah Jesus. This format requires a minimum of 90 minutes. A detailed set of instructions for this will be provided. All items can be purchased or made from ingredients available in any large supermarket. Mottel will supply a traditional cloth “Matzah Tash” unleavened bread holder for each table, and will distribute an abridged Passover Hagadah (Liturgy folder) that each participant can take home. Contact us for details. 
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During the last 25 years Mottel has presented the Passover in over 200 churches in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania.
These allow believers to experience the connection between Old & New Testament.

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