Mottel Baleston, Messianic Jewish
 Outreach & European Bible Teaching
October 2019
Italy and Germany

As you may know, each summer Mottel teaches for three weeks at the Ariel Ministries Shoshanah Discipleship Bible School in northern New York State. The school was originally designed for Jewish believers in Jesus, but is now open to all. Recent years have seen more students from Europe in attendance, they even formed volunteer branches in Italy and Germany. They purchased plane tickets for me to come out do and teach Jewish outreach, because they are seeing, especially in Germany,  a continuing surge of Jewish immigration  from the former Soviet Union: Russia and the Ukraine. In 1990 there were 30,000 Jewish people in Germany, a 2016 census recorded over 120,000.

The ministry outreach & Bible teaching activities were many, and ran from October 2 thru 29, starting in the area around Florence, Italy, then onto Rome for 2 days of seminars at the Bible College, then back to Florence for 2 more evening seminars, then a scenic drive up to Genova for 2 sessions. Every day 1 or 2 teaching sessions. My co-teacher for these Italy sessions was Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, well known Bible scholar and author of many books. Of course, Dr. Fruchtenbaum has been my primary Bible teacher for 40 years, so I feel sheepish saying "my co-teacher", but I have been honored these last 15 years to teach classes at the summer Bible school he founded.

After Italy I flew alone to Germany, where I was met by ministry volunteers. The basic Germany schedule was Manheim, Dusseldorf, Berlin at the Messianic congregation, Bielefeld, the Bible College in Ostfriesland, then Hesel, Wietmarschen, then 3 sessions at Moenchengladbach.  All translators were believers: 3 for Italian, and 3 for German, in various locations.

The photo above was about half the group who were at the Bible Conference Center Poggio Ubertini near Florence, Italy. Our sessions  helpesd believers understand the Jewish roots of their faith, and be able to better communicate the Gospel to Jewish friends.

In Genova, Italy, we had two 90 minute sessions of Bible Teaching, before and after lunch !

The two photos above are from the Circus Maximus arena in Rome which was the location of chariot races & pagan spectacles sponsored by
the Roman Emperor. It is a half mile long, and today is a public park, it’s seating slopes preserved, with the ruins of the Emeror’s Palace
overlooking it. - In this outdoor venue Mottel taught a 90 minute Bible class to a mixed group: 25 people from a local church who
had signed up, and 10 students of the Bible College in Rome.  The subject:  “How the Jewish Messiah conquered Pagan Rome”.


Outdoor teaching at the Circus Maximus. The ruins of the Roman Emperor's palace are behind me, he's dead and his  buildings are crumbling, but Messiah Jesus is alive and His Kingdom is growing with individual believers!!

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Coliseum.
 With me is Paulo, an Elder at the Bible Church which sponsored
the Italy meetings. His wife Martina was the architect of
our complex schedule & travel, and she is the translator of
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum's books into Italian.


Also in Rome, the main Bible College hosted two special evening seminars open to the public. Standing room only.

A visit to the historic synagogue of Florence, Italy.


We had an intense 3 days at the Bible Conference Center Poggio Ubertini in Tuscany, Italy, and great fellowship between sessions

Why Germany? In 1990 there were 30,000 Jewish people in Germany - The 2016 census showed over 120,000

Ostfriesland Bible College is one of the finest conservative evangelical Bible schools in Germany. Most students are German,
but Italy, England & Hungary were also represented. The classes are taught in German. Georg Hagedorn was my translator,
he is  an excellent Bible teacher and publisher of study books, he arranged the itinerary and drove the many kilometers for
the teaching tour. The Bible College gave me three one hour sessions to teach


At the Bible Church in Wietmarschen there were many young people


Bible Church in Bielefeld, Germany

Shofar Ram's Horn demonstration

Whenever possible I prefer overnights with families, like this one in Bielefeld, can't you see why? -
Ich danke Dir schön!

After the seminar, answering Bible questions in Nevenheim

Bible seminar in Moenchengladbach

Adi & Artur, two of the leaders at Moenchengladbach


This location had many Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus, some  just a few years in the faith. Mottel taught on how the Leviticus 23 Holy Days  have Messianic fulfillment in Messiah Jesus.

The Hebrew sign says: "Know Before Whom You Stand"


No trip to Berlin is complete without seeing the Brandenburg Gate, built in 1791, formally at the separation between
East & West Germany. The Berlin Wall was on the other side of the gate.

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