2012 & 2013 Activities - Balestons & Messengers Messianic Outreach

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Passover Seder Outreach 2012 - The Passover Seder is a ritual which our Jewish people have continually observed for over 3,000 years. Passover is first found in the book of Exodus and celebrates our release from physical bondage in Egypt. As Jews, Jesus and His disciples celebrated the Passover, with the "Last Supper " being the best known example.
Increasingly, Christians are enjoying the celebration of Passover as they discover the Jewish roots of their faith. Our presentation demonstrates that the Passover service contains rituals which clearly point to Jesus as Messiah.
At this Passover Seder co-sponsored with Beth Messiah, we made a strong presentation that Messiah Jesus is the greater Passover Lamb and that we all need to respond to His Messianic claims. That is the main point of the way we conduct a Seder.

PURIM 2012

One part of our ministry is the time we spend discipling Jewish believers in Jesus at ‘Beth Messiah’, a Congregation that is has sound Biblical doctrine while being in the midst of a strongly Jewish area. Jewish ethnic culture is the norm at Beth Messiah, and that includes celebrations that were familiar to Jesus and the Apostles as they all grew up in Jewish homes.

One of these is the celebration of Purim, as recorded in Esther 9:1-32. Children dress up in Biblical costumes and the story of Mordechai & Esther is told.

In the photo at left, Mottel, in Moses costume, interviews children of Jewish believers as the
Master of Ceremonies.

Jewish family members, some of whom are not yet believers attend these  meetings and hear about our faith in Messiah Jesus. March 2012 saw about 20 Jewish children at our Purim outreach. Every Jewish Holy Day in the Hebrew Scriptures points to the coming of Messiah Jesus! We teach that very clearly. Pray for results in hearts!!

Messianic Bible Discipleship program in New York at Camp Shoshanah 2012

Each Summer Mottel teaches for three weeks at the Camp Shoshanah Discipleship Program for new Jewish & Gentile believers arranged by Ariel Ministries.
Twenty-five years ago this program was vital to Mottel's early spiritual growth and so it is a privilege for him to teach there and to have believers we work
with attending. Many of the Jewish believers there have come to faith in recent years. The program entails 5 hours of classes per day at the Bible College level,
so the students tend to be serious. An encouraging trend the past few years is the increased presence of a younger group of new believers.
The Camp averages about 80 adult students, and over the years many who were initially discipled here went on to full time Jewish outreach ministry.
Mottel usually teaches 2 courses per day, and has counseling and worship leading responsibilities. It's located in the mountains of northern New York State.

Mottel & Bryan lead a Hebrew song at the Friday evening dinner

Mottel answers Student questions after his teaching session

A special fellowship dinner at the home of Jeff & Maureen, October 2012. A number of believers attended, as well as Jewish people who have not yet come to
faith in Messiah. The home of a Jewish believer in Jesus, Mottel taught a group Discipleship Bible Study here for seven years on alternate Wednesday evenings.

Children of Jewish believers in Jesus light the Hanukkah Menorah, December, 2012. Several are students in Mottel & Deborah's Hebrew Classes

Refreshments after the Hanukkah outreach

These children of Jewish believers in our congregation sang in Hebrew & English

2013 Passover Seder Outreach. We had almost 100 there, and the portrait of MESSIAH IN THE PASSOVER is strongly presented.


Each year at this time, our Jewish people assemble to celebrate the Passover as commanded by God in the Torah (Jewish Bible). We who are Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah have the extra privilege of knowing the answer to many of the mysteries in the Passover Seder. As Jews, we join our people in celebrating our release from physical bondage in Egypt. As Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua, we celebrate release from bondage to sin and death through the atonement made by Messiah. Gentile Christians know the Passover Seder as the Last Supper. For both Jews and Christians, it is one of the most important holidays that God has given us. Whoever you are, we welcome you to come and celebrate the Passover with us as we focus on Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, "...the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world".

2013. The tradition is for a child to find the hidden Matzah, and he did !

2013 Messianic Bible Discipleship program in New York at Camp Shoshanah

August 2013. A portion of the students & families at the Messianic Discipleship Summer Study Program. Five hours a day of classes for Adults at the
Bible College level, four hours for kids at their level. Over 70 different Adult students over the 3 weeks Mottel taught, half from the USA, half from overseas, as below.

This student family helps distribute Bible study material in Germany and is reaching out to the growing Jewish population there.

Students from Australia and New Zealand together. All are active in ministry.
Chris at left is a Pastor in Australia, Beth facilitates Bible Conferences on New Zealand's South Island, Johann teaches Bible Studies on the North Island
& Omri, at right, is a Hebrew speaking Jewish believer from Israel who lives in New Zealand and arranges for Israeli travelers to spend time living with Christian families in New Zealand & Australia.

The students in this photo were either born in Russia or are the children of those born there. About half are Jewish believers. Several men here are Elders in Bible-believing congregations.

They came all the way from India for the teaching at Camp Shoshanah.
The couple at left are involved in a Church in Gujarat, and Bakul, at right, has a Bible teaching ministry in all of northern India

Mottel Baleston led a class on the "Plan of the Ages" as it unfolds through scripture.

Jeff is a Jewish believer who hosted Mottel's Discipleship Bible study in his north Jersey home for 5 years

Mike is a Jewish believer who eagerly learned the scriptures

Leading worship at Beth Messiah Congregation in New Jersey 2013

Torah Scroll Reading at Beth Messiah Congregation, New Jersey 2013

In early 2014 Mottel & Deborah concluded 17 years of involvement & leadership at Beth Messiah Congregation.
- Mottel served as Interim Messianic Rabbi, Associate Rabbi, Teaching Elder, Worship Team Leader, Hebrew Class Instructor, Small Group Leader along with a few other roles. Many people came to faith, were discipled and good things came about in dozens of lives. Our part-time involvement there was in addition to our ministry thru Messengers of the New Covenant. Families who were discipled there and moved took skills learned to other congregations.
- Deborah volunteered as a Bible School Teacher, Hebrew Class Teacher, Nursery Coordinator, Kiddush Coordinator, Prayer Chain Coordinator, Women's Group Coordinator, was on the Praise Dance Team, did Desktop Publishing & Flyer Prep, managed the Passover Seder registration, plus a few other things.
With recent change there we stepped away from involvement and that chapter of congregational leadership is now concluded.
The Lord has since enlarged and broadened our ministry as we made the transition in early 2014, we are thrilled to see what has happened,
 and have had very fruitful collaboration in 2014 & 2015 with several groups having similar ministry goals.

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