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Bible Teaching & Conference in New Zealand - April 2009

In April 2009 Mottel went to New Zealand to co-teach with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries at a week long Bible Study Camp for Jewish and Gentile believers.
Yes, there are Jewish communities in each of the major cities. This trip was sponsored by the believers there. One of their concerns is a recent trend in the
'Messianic Movement' of Jewish people who have come to faith in Messiah Jesus. There is a confusion over Law vs. Grace among some, with the sad result that many
are involved in the 'legalism' of mandatory Mosaic Law observance. So, Arnold and I, two Jewish believers, were able to clearly teach that one can be both a Jewish believer
in Messiah, having a healthy sense of our identity as Jewish believers, and fully embrace the Freedom & Grace that is found in the finished work of Messiah. We had over
85 adult students. Mottel taught 10 one hour classes over a five day period on 2 subjects. A children's program ran concurrently. The study camp was a great blessing to all.

My traveling companion to the conference was a brother from India, and we both found the New Zealand landscape different and interesting.

Passing through Auckland. The hill at top is the remnant of an old volcano.

Mottel teaches one of his 10 classes during the week.

The week long Bible conference was at Keswick Christian Center in
Rotorua, New Zealand.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaches.

Mac & Allie are friends who've attended the summer Bible school in New York where Mottel teaches.

There were several Jewish believers there

Mottel & Arnold with Beth F. who helps with conference arrangements in NZ

Mottel teaches a class on the Book of Galatians. The students were very involved, and time was spent after each session answering questions.

After the week long Bible conference, Mottel spent the weekend teaching in two congregations made up of believers from the island of Samoa.
Here, he teaches from a chart that illustrates how the covenants of the Bible have affected our relationship with God

What do you get when you put 1 Jewish guy and 19 Samoans in a room?  A Bible Class!



Each Summer Mottel teaches for several weeks at Camp Shoshanah, the discipleship program for new Jewish & Gentile believers arranged by Ariel Ministries. Over twenty years ago this program was vital to our early spiritual growth and so it is a privilege to teach there and to have believers we work with attending. Many of the Jewish believers there have come to faith in recent years. The program entails 5 hours of classes per day at the Bible College level, so the students tend to be serious. An encouraging trend the past few years is the increased presence of a younger group of new believers in their 20ís. The Camp averages about 80 adult students, and over the years many who were initially discipled here went on to full time Jewish outreach ministry. This year Mottel taught two different Bible courses to the adults, a total of 15 one hour class sessions, plus tasks in counseling and leading worship. The main instructor is, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a well known evangelical scholar & author. Over the years, many of the teachers were either students or Instructors at Moody Bible Institute. The teaching is conservative and Grace centered.

Mottel Baleston teaches a Bible class session.

Our music team leads in traditional Jewish music as well as praise before our Friday evening Sabbath meal

Our kid's playground has jungle gyms, picnic tables, different types of swings

Praise songs before each class session unite our hearts

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Rafael, and Mottel Baleston after the Shabbat meal

Matt and Tovyah sing songs of praise

Over the past few years we've had students from England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, with many from Canada and New Zealand,
and this family from Australia!

Afternoons are free time, and some like to play Volleyball. The soil is somewhat sandy, so that helps.

Our Erev Shabbat meals on Friday evenings are full of singing, matzoh ball soup and the best Challah Bread ever !!


Three of the Messianic Jewish Bible Teachers: Gary Derechinsky, Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Mottel Baleston

September 2009, Mottel blows the Shofar (ram's horn) to mark the end of Yom Kippur for the fellowship of Jewish believers. Then we ate !!

"SUKKOT" - Beth Messiah Feast of Tabernacles celebration, October 2009. Attending are members and some guests. The booth at left illustrates the temporary
dwellings our ancestors lived in for 40 years.  This Jewish holiday is celebrated by having meals outside in the booth. This was immediately outside our rented space.
On the street at right, 200 yards further right there is a large Orthodox Jewish Synagogue, on the same street a half mile to the left is a Conservative Jewish Synagogue.
Our SUKKOT Celebration has a focus on Messiah Jesus, who came to "Tabernacle among men". This feast looks forward to the Messianic Kingdom, as Messiah will
dwell among us in the Millennium.

Mottel leads a MESSIAH IN THE PASSOVER SEDER Banquet, where Jesus is seen in the ritual as it's celebrated in Jewish homes today.
We had a number there who were not yet believers in Messiah, as well as new Jewish believers. April 2010.


Each Wednesday we take a group photo beneath the entrance, the Hebrew sign says:
Ariel Machane Shoshanah (Ariel's Camp Shoshanah). Dr Fruchtenbaum is behind the camera.

Robert Morris is one of the instructors. A Jewish believer in Messiah, he founded a Messianic congregation in Oregon and
currently heads up an outreach ministry in California. He is teaching on the importance of a literal, pre-millennial approach to the Scriptures.

Each class is preceded by 2 songs of praise & worship.

A class on the history of Israel. Mottel Baleston is a Jewish believer who leads a Messianic Jewish outreach in New Jersey.


We welcome Shabbat each Friday evening with a formal meal and the blessing over the Challah.

Sometimes we do Choir Music !

Both parents of these sisters are Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus

New Zealand is well represented each year by Bible Students, Kia Ora !!

Our Bible Teachers take time to discuss the material and answer questions

Steve Ger was one of the Teachers in 2010, he has authored 2 commentaries in a major new Bible commentary series. He also did special music, along with a young Jewish believer

Good fellowship around the Dinner table

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum teaches two of the Bible classes each day

Jacob was one of the young people at the Bible Camp

Mottel taught a Bible class each day and had Pastoral responsibilities



It's a gathering for the conclusion of the DAY OF ATONEMENT, Leviticus 23, it's a Jewish tradition to sound the Shofar / Ram's Horn. 2010

In the home of a Jewish believer in Messiah, we celebrate Sukkot,
the Feast of Tabernacles, 2010.


A Bat Mitzvah ceremony in 2011, she gave a solid testimony of her faith in Messiah. Deborah Baleston tutored the girl in Hebrew.


The Music Praise team in this video is the group that
Mottel Baleston led at Beth Messiah from 2001 thru 2013. The musicians in this video are Jewish believers.
The song is "KADOSH", a Hebrew word meaning Holy.



This 5 minute video excerpt taped in 2009 is from an explanation of the Passover Ritual.
Mottel Baleston shows the use of the Matzah Tash.

Our Passover Seder includes the actual ritual food items.



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