2017 Activities - Mottel Baleston, Messengers Messianic Outreach

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Passover Seder Outreach April 2017, Hackettstown, New Jersey - The Passover Seder is a ritual which our Jewish people have continually observed for over 3,000 years. Passover is first found in the book of Exodus and celebrates our release from physical bondage in Egypt. As Jews, Jesus and His disciples celebrated the Passover, with the "Last Supper " being the best known example. Increasingly, Christians are enjoying the celebration of Passover as they discover the Jewish roots of their faith. Our presentation demonstrates that the Passover service contains rituals which clearly point to Jesus as Messiah.
Believers invite friends & neighbors to hear us make a strong case that Jesus is the greater Passover Lamb, the Jewish Messiah and that all need to respond in faith to His Messianic claims. That is the main point of why we conduct a Seder.

Dad breaks the unleavened Matzo for his family

Sometimes the booklet the speaker wrote is more interesting than the speaker

Messianic Bible Discipleship Program in New York at Camp Shoshanah Summer 2017

Each Summer Mottel teaches for three weeks at the Camp Shoshanah Discipleship Program for Jewish & Gentile believers arranged by Ariel Ministries.
Twenty-five years ago this program was only open to Jewish believers, in recent years it's been opened to all. It was vital to Mottel & Deborah's early
spiritual growth and so it is a privilege for Mottel to teach there and to have believers we work with attending.
Many of the believers there have come to faith in recent years. The program entails over 5 hours of classes per day at the Bible College level, so the
students tend to be serious and MOST teach Bible themselves in their home areas. In 2017 the program averaged about 55 adult students each week,
with about 140 different students over the full 6 weeks of the teaching schedule.
 Importantly, over the years many who were initially discipled here went on to full time Jewish outreach ministry. Mottel usually teaches 2 courses per day,
and has counseling and occasional

Portion of the Bible students for one week. Countries of birth are Israel, Russia, England, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Liberia, India, Kazakhstan,
Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada & all parts of the USA.

Mottel teaching one of his Bible classes.

We had a total of 6 students in all from Israel in 2017

The location of our Bible Camp is just 90 minutes south of Montreal, Canada

Jacob is a Jewish believer who recently started a ministry in Sacramento

A number of Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus attended from Canada

The 2017 adult Bible classes averaged 55 students

After each class instructors field questions from students

Bakul & wife Jenet have attended from India for 5 summers. Our Bible school has been his main source of training as he is now in an evangelism & teaching ministry in India.

Mottel with David, whom we wrote about several months ago.  David came to faith 2 months after Mottel shared Messiah Jesus with him.

Guest Teaching at SEED OF ABRAHAM Messianic Jewish Congregation, October 2017

The SEED OF ABRAHAM Messianic Congregation was formed in the 1980's in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Lloyd & Judith Scayler,
Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua who were born in Brooklyn. The Congregation holds to a conservative Biblical doctrine.
In October 2017 they hosted Mottel Baleston as he presented an all day series of seminars on developing Biblically Balanced Messianic Congregations.
They have asked Mottel to help their transition as the founder is retiring, and the congregation just named his Associate as new Congregational Leader.

Mottel teaching on the the scriptural pattern for congregations

At center is Lloyd Scalyer, a Jewish believer who established the congregation in the 1980's, along with Dennis Shatto, incoming leader

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