2016 Activities - Mottel Baleston, Messengers Messianic Outreach

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Mottel was in Texas in March 2016, in the studio of “God's Learning Channel”, a Christian Cable TV Network with Internet access, spending a very intensive week filming 26 half hour TV panel discussions for their program "SHEPHERD'S HEART", on current hot button ministry and Pastoral topics. Three Pastors participated, two of us are Jewish believers and have led Messianic Congregations, the other man leads a Texas Latino church. What a contrast! However, the issues we discussed are common to all: how congregations can grow and prosper in our challenging times. We drilled down on many topics: Pastoral effectiveness, Outreach, Multi-Ethnic vs. Single Ethnic churches, Evangelism, Counseling, etc. This Network also has a unique interest in the Jewish Roots of faith in Messiah Jesus and we addressed that subject over two shows. The programs will air over a 6 month period, so we changed jackets & ties for each show because we filmed 5 or 6 every day!
Mottel Baleston was in Texas in March 2016, in the studio of “God's Learning Channel”, a Christian Cable TV Network popular in the Southwest, and spent a very intensive week filming 26 half hour TV panel discussions for their program "SHEPHERD'S HEART", as well as this Studio Interview with Amy Cooper, the host of their Network. Part 1 of that Interview is shown here.

Guest Teaching at SEED OF ABRAHAM Messianic Jewish Congregation, April 2016

The SEED OF ABRAHAM Messianic Congregation was formed in the 1980's in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Lloyd & Judith Scayler,
Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua who were born in Brooklyn. The Congregation holds to a conservative Biblical doctrine.

In April 2016 they hosted Mottel Baleston as he presented an all day series of seminars on developing Biblically Balanced Messianic Congregations.
They are in transition as the founder is approaching retirement, the group is growing and just appointed an Associate Congregational Leader.

Mottel with Brad, an Elder, and Lloyd Scalyer, Congregational Leader
Mottel Baleston teaches at Messianic Jewish Congregation
Mottel Baleston taught the seminars

David, Mottel & Dennis, who just became the Associate Leader

Passover Seder Outreach April 2016, Yardley, Pennsylvania - The Passover Seder is a ritual which our Jewish people have continually observed for over 3,000 years. Passover is first found in the book of Exodus and celebrates our release from physical bondage in Egypt. As Jews, Jesus and His disciples celebrated the Passover, with the "Last Supper " being the best known example.
Increasingly, Christians are enjoying the celebration of Passover as they discover the Jewish roots of their faith. Our presentation demonstrates that the Passover service contains rituals which clearly point to Jesus as Messiah. At our Passover Seder we make a strong case that Messiah Jesus is the greater Passover Lamb and that all need to respond to His Messianic claims. That is the main point of the way we conduct a Seder.

The Volunteers who set up the Messiah in the Passover Outreach

A Home Messianic Passover Seder

The Passover plate and ritual items commanded in the Book of Exodus. The Passover booklet was edited by a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus.

Lighting the candles to begin the Seder

Mottel & Michael show the Shmura Matza, hand made round unleavened bread used for Passover Seder by some families

Some of those at the Seder

The children took turns reading the story

These young children chanted the Hebrew text of the "Manishtanah", the 4 questions of the story
In contrast to the large Seder for 140 above, these pics show a Home Family Seder for 14. We were hosted by a family of Jewish believers in Messiah. This Seder was especially kid friendly, as the passage says: " . . . your children shall ask you about the

Messianic Bat Mitzvah ceremony

In May 2016 Mottel officiated a Bat Mitzvah ceremony for a 13 year old young lady, the daughter of Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus. Her father was a Teaching Elder who served with Mottel in the Messianic congregation we were once involved with. She did a great job reading a scripture portion from the Hebrew Torah scroll, giving a commentary on that portion, and sharing her faith in Messiah Jesus with over 100 family and friends who attended, the majority of whom are Jewish and not yet believers in Messiah.
We conduct these Messianic Hebrew-Christian Bar & Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for a number of reasons:
- To convey to our next generation an appreciation for the Jewish heritage given to them by God
- The young persons ability to read the Torah Scroll in Hebrew gives credibility to our claim that "Educated" Jews also believe in Jesus
- To share a clear testimony of our faith in Messiah Jesus in its' original Jewish context.

Messianic Bible Discipleship Program in New York at Camp Shoshanah Summer 2016

Each Summer Mottel teaches for three weeks at the Camp Shoshanah Discipleship Program for Jewish & Gentile believers arranged by Ariel Ministries.
Twenty-five years ago this program was only open to Jewish believers, in recent years it's been opened to all. It was vital to Mottel & Deborah's early
spiritual growth and so it is a privilege for Mottel to teach there and to have believers we work with attending.
Many of the believers there have come to faith in recent years. The program entails over 5 hours of classes per day at the Bible College level, so the
students tend to be serious and MOST teach Bible themselves in their home areas. In 2016 the program averaged about 60 adult students each week,
with about 150 different students over the full 6 weeks of the teaching schedule.
 Importantly, over the years many who were initially discipled here went on to full time Jewish outreach ministry. Mottel usually teaches 2 courses per day,
and has counseling and worship leading responsibilities. Camp Shoshanah is located in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State.


After classes there was plenty of time for Mottel to meet with students.

Simon & his daughters are Jewish believers in Jesus, he was one of the students and they also led a worship song before each class.

This young woman was first brought by a friend to the Bible Study Camp 3 years ago, she was without a personnel faith in Messiah Jesus as her Savior. Mottel & several others shared with her, she came to faith a year later. She was immersed this year by School founder Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum.

Most of the students teach Bible and minister where they live. At left, a Pastor and wife from Liberia, and at right, a Pastor and wife from India.

Canada sent many students, they came from Quebec, Ontario & Alberta.

We always have students from Israel. Both these men and their families are in Gospel ministry


Portion of the students for one week. Their countries of birth are Israel, Russia, Ukraine, France, The Czech Republic, Germany, Liberia, India,
New Zealand, Canada & USA.

Jacob is a Jewish believer who was one of the students. He has served as a full-time Chaplain for a Police & Fire Dept of a small city and has recently begun a Jewish outreach ministry in California.

Mottel taught a class on Biblical Ecclesiology to the Teens.
(FYI, that's the study of what the Bible says about the Church)

Mottel teaching the main adult class. He taught 15 one-hour classes

An extended family of Bible students from Pennsylvania

An overview of the main adult lecture hall. Dr. Steve Ger is teaching, he is a Jewish believer and graduate of Dallas Seminary

Steve was one of the students, he teaches at his Church in Hawaii

The teens held a seminar on Biblical Creationism that they researched and presented themselves.

A different week pictured from the one above. About two-thirds of the students are here

In October 2016 Mottel had the opportunity of speaking at Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation of Philadlphia, a large and well established group where over half the members are Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus. Messianic Rabbi David Chernoff asked me to share my story of coming to faith.

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