For the last few years several Christian authors have promoted a theory that there is prophetic significance in the four lunar eclipses (Blood Moons) occurring on or close to the Jewish biblical feast days in 2014-15. There has been much confusion regarding this. For one, many of the "proofs" offered by those selling books promoting this idea are exaggerations, false assumptions and errors of fact. Secondly, many Christians are aware of the fact that many of the events surrounding the events in the life of Messiah Jesus and His return DO have connection with the Biblical Calendar and Jewish Holy Days as seen in Leviticus 23, and so wonder if the lunar eclipses have significance.

It is clear that the Biblical Calendar and Jewish Holy Days as seen in Leviticus 23 continue to have importance for believers in Jesus. While we are NOT under Mosaic Law, the calendar of Leviticus 23 is still the way God arranges time, and will in the future. Yes, our Christian faith has Hebrew Roots, but there is a right way and a wrong way to apply that. For over 30 years the Editor of this website has taught the importance of understanding the Jewish/Hebrew roots to Christians, but correctly taught that Mosaic Law came to an end at the sacrifice of Messiah.

While the Jewish roots are important this does not give us license to 'speculate' and 'play loose' with the text of scripture.

Below you will find links to articles you can download and other resources by authors who are believers in Messiah Jesus and have let the facts of the Bible guide them, not wild speculation. This is further important because the main proponents of the Blood Moon hysteria teach false doctrine in other major areas. These 2 men are best known:
- John Hagee: While we applaud him for his support of Israel, a good thing, his error, among several, is that he teaches that Jewish people do not need to believe in Jesus as Messiah. This is a dangerous and very serious false teaching. All the Apostles were Jewish !! Were they wrong ??!! As a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus, this false teaching from John Hagee is very offensive to me and is a violation of scripture.
- Mark Biltz: He wrote the original articles from which Hagee developed his ideas. He teaches that all Christians should be following Mosaic Law as an obligation, a false teaching that is refuted by other articles on this site.

Blood moons and prophetic confusion by Avner Boskey

Lunar Eclipses and Blood Moons by Dr. Danny Faulkner

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